Microsoft Rudimental Film

We had the opportunity to direct and produce a series of contents for PR monkey 3 Monkeys who needed to create an impactful and high profile story to launch the newest and most powerful Surface tablet yet – the Surface Pro 4.

The Surface brand has built a strong identity driven by the 5 star media reviews and brand associations so we needed to build on the Surface brand’s desirability, showcase the craftsmanship and power that goes into the design, build advocacy for SP4 as a credible tool for creativity and drive interaction, trial and sales.

3 Monkeys mission was to bring together the strongest passions and interests of a young creative audience in a way that could only be done through the power of the Surface Pro 4.

The challenge was to reach the ‘Creative Enthusiasts’ by tapping into the desire to be creative through technology, using Music and Art as cultural triggers. 3 Monkeys wanted to entertain – through innovative collaborations and aspirational content.

They brought the best British talents in music, composition and illustration together(chart-toppers Rudimental/composer and developer David William Hearn/innovative street artist, Will Barras) and tasked them with reimagining three of Rudimental’s tracks using Staffpad and Surface Pro 4 to produce full orchestral arrangements and an animated visual backdrop.

At London’s KOKO, media and influencers from Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury to Stereo Kicks’ Jake Sims, retail partners and importantly Creative Enthusiasts themselves gathered to experience some of what Surface Pro 4 could create witnessing a live performance of the three reimagined tracks, powered by the tablet.