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Storytelling is the oldest, yet also the newest way to connect with people. In the crowded modern media landscape, a true human connection is more important than ever.

Everyone has a story, but not everyone is a storyteller. Mesago is a collaborative force of talented and creative film specialists, with twenty years experience in not only telling stories, but giving them the right shape for their purpose.

We’ve partnered with production companies, PR companies, marketing agencies, big agencies, small agencies around the globe and all over the creative spectrum.

Whether it’s a sensible corporate piece or a kooky music video, this collaborative spirit is the heart of our drive for the very best in visual communication. We work with people who love to challenge the norm and who are passionate about their craft. People who love their work, so that audiences will love yours.


We write, develop, direct and produce stories. And can help shaping stories in several ways.

Tell us your story. We love to listen. Then we’ll push, pull, squeeze and fold it into a new shape. Not just any old shape, either. The right shape. One that has the angles and edges that will make your audience love, remember and share it. Although just about everything from cameras to phones create with rectangles these days, don’t let that deceive you. Our creativity comes in many sizes, and we pride ourselves on being flexible, extendable, and energetic.

Take a look at how we’ve shaped stories for others (then have a chat about what we could do with yours)

Home Office - Say no to FGM


Microsoft- Windows Collection

Hovis - Toast of Britain

Rudimental + Microsoft - Do Great Things

www.mygorilla.org - Bill Oddie  

Baracuta - G9

SanThé Sant'Anna


Mesago thrives by working with a diversity of talent who have their own projects too. Take a look at some of the outstanding work from our collaborative creatives.


We pour a lot of love into every project, so of course we're always proud to show off the results. Take a look at our very latest shapes and stories.