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the heart of the story

Mesago is a creative company with filmmaking at its heart. We collaborate with everyone from big consumer brands to ethical enterprises, with a flexible and talented team.

Big or small, corporate or startup, the most powerful and persuasive way to communicate is by telling a great story with a genuine voice.

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms. It has the power to transform everything from a buying habit to a whole society. In today’s noisy world, lots of brands and organisations are now using storytelling to stand out, but it’s the stories with real human connection that are now more important than ever. Stories with heart. It's something we aim to bring to every project, whatever the scale.

Great storytelling needs the head as well as the heart.

It takes technology, craftsmanship and wisdom to take great stories from a scribble to the screen. Mesago has twenty years experience partnering with production companies, big agencies, small agencies, charities and organisations around the planet, and we're connected to some of the most talented people in the business. Whether it’s a classical composer or a makeup artist, we work only with the best creative professionals, who challenge the ordinary and are passionate about their craft.

Whether you need full creative development, production, or just a director for a day, we pride ourselves on being adaptable, extendable, and energetic. 

We believe a good story should be a force for good.

We love getting behind the startups, the entrepreneurs, the original thinkers, the ones who want to change the world. While we work with everyone, we feel that the biggest and best challenges are when we can get behind those who want to provoke and inspire positive change. We love opportunities to use what we do well to help make the world a better place.

That’s our story. Now tell us yours.

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